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Soilwork - Bastard Chain

Searching for power,who is to blame ? you weak little
Bastard - bound to symbols of pain,hiding in shadows,a
Pungent smell,you haven't decide your own fate cause
Your story of life is too bitter to tell your dying eyes with a
Cowards reflection,heading for the true direction, forward

Bastard chain, with souls so lame the bastards chain bastard
Chain, with souls so lame a bastards chain [x3]

So you say your mind belongs to them ? - turned upside
Down again and again and again feel ashame ,feel ashame,
Yourself to blame,yourself to blame - only yourself...only
Yourself you can blame! only yourself you can blame

Helpless you will devour,everything that comes before your
Eyes citizens of restless power,never let your scorn rule
Your fate...your fate!! ...always dragging you down,to the
Ground,a disgrace,a disgrace,your "masterpiece",your
"masterrace" - only yourself,...only yourself you can
Blame !! only yourself you can blame

Hey!won't you tell me your name and justify your way of
Thinking walking the stairs of the manipulated ones - only
Yourself,...only yourself you can blame!! only yourself you
Can blame

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